HUDSON'S Southside Tap, Iowa City

The sign is still missing (coming VERY soon I'm told) but I can't wait any longer to share this...

Drum roll please...

Remember the theme song from that great TV show...Cheers?

"You want to go where everybody knows your name."

Well...we think that kind of neighborhood restaurant/pub has arrived in Iowa City.

Welcome to HUDSON'S Southside Tap located at 482 Highway One West.  

The attention to detail in the decor will help you to understand why it took MONTHS to build out this amazing place. Owners Kevin and Lisa Perez, Dan Ouverson, and Ryan O'Leary spared no expense in the unique design and decor of this cozy place.

Hawkeye Welding, a local company owned by Keith Hemann and Mike Land, built everything in sight! The beams, posts, benches, light fixtures, the custom sign, beams under the granite counter tops...and even the bathroom stall dividers...all custom made.

And the hard working steelworker's theme is carried over to the pictures hanging on the gorgeous wood paneled walls...

The music playing in the background is wonderful too. You might even hear some Frank Sinatra in the mix.   And since the music serves as a compliment to the relaxing environment, you can still carry on a conversation without raising your voice!  That is REALLY good news in a restaurant or bar.

With FORTY BEERS on tap...I'm quite sure you'll find something you like.  And if you're like me, you'll be glad to find they even offer good old American standards like Miller Lite, Coors Lite and Bud Lite along with all of those unique craft beers.

The back bar is a work of art...

And speaking of art'll even find a unique portrait hanging on the wall in the woman's rest room.  These hard working women  were taking their well-deserved lunch break from building the railroad in Iowa in 1943!  (Hmm...I wonder how long before a patron recognizes an Iowa relative on that bathroom wall...)

We have eaten with friends at Hudson's twice since it opened, and we've all been impressed with what we've tasted from the ever evolving menu.  All the food is 100% made from scratch, and I love the fact that the various burgers and sandwiches are all named after the streets that run through the neighborhood.  In fact, Hudson Street is the namesake of the restaurant...and it runs right along the beautiful outdoor patio that will be a VERY popular spot when Spring arrives in Iowa City once again.  (I hope I can convince Hudson's owners to offer Sunday breakfasts...That would be an AWESOME place to sip a cup of coffee and read the paper on a beautiful morning...)

The Chicken Nachos were delicious...

Graziano's Italian Sausage Sandwich...A winner!

The homemade soups are flavorful and unique.  (One friend had the Chili...and she loved it.) And when another friend wondered if the Sweet Corn Jalapeno Chowder would be too spicy for his taste, our server quickly returned with a sample for him to try.  (I have come to expect that kind of service, especially in new restaurants as they work to build a base of loyal return customers.  Those "regulars" are a necessity to the long term success of any restaurant or bar.)

A Soup Sample...
Chicken Nachos...Delicious!
And when our friend asked to have a Shrimp Po Boy left "unblackened"...the answer again was "No problem".  (He loved the sandwich...prepared just for his taste buds.)

And what about a Burger?  HUGE...Well cooked...and DELICIOUS.  (And so were the fries.)

So will all of our friends return to Hudson's?

They all answered with a resounding YES.

As I've said before...Good things come to those who wait.  And the wait for HUDSON'S was certainly worth it.

Yes...I think HUDSON's will become known as "THE Neighborhood Place".

Like the song says...
"Where everybody knows your name...And they're always glad you came."

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