The Bayview Cafe  is a spot where "locals" meet...and the service is second to none!  Chef/Owner Francois is amazing...

His food arrives piping hot, and his servers make sure to keep those coffee cups filled with a smile!  We made it our after-church Sunday breakfast spot nearly every week for three months.  It's the kind of spot where everyone says "hello & have a nice day"...and means it!
We became friends with some of the local Fort Lauderdale police officers who made it their Sunday morning breakfast spot too...  And the food???
For THREE MONTHS I ordered the SAME thing every Sunday!  It was SO GOOD I never tried anything else!  The Country Club Omelet filled with turkey, bacon and tomato...served with Hollandaise sauce. (I got my sauce served on the side.)  As soon as we walked in the door, all of the servers knew my order, and it became a standing joke...Would I order something else next Sunday??  Like the saying goes..."If it ain't broke...don't fix it".  and NOTHING at the Bayview Cafe is "broke"...except the egg shells!!

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