Best Wings in the World? YOU BET!!

When we come home after any trip I can tell you with certainty where we will head for a meal...and I can tell you exactly what that meal will be.  I consider myself a "wing connoisseur", having consumed MORE than my share of them through the years.  And THE BEST WINGS I HAVE EVER TASTED ANYWHERE are the wings at the Vine Tavern in downtown Iowa City!  As you'll see from the link, there are locations in Arizona as well as in Iowa (we've been there too!) but our FAVORITE location is the original tavern at Gilbert and Prentiss Streets in Iowa City.  (And yes..the outside of the old brick building IS covered with vines!)

The wings are smaller than those served in most places, and I asked one of the owners about that.  I assumed the smaller wings cost less, but in fact they cost more!  The smaller size allows them to be thoroughly cooked and crispy, and their sauces are out of this world.  I always order the same thing...A dozen wings-naked (meaning no sauce) -extra crispy with Maple BBQ sauce on the side. And while we're on the subject of crispy...The Vine also gets my vote for THE BEST FRENCH FRIES too!

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  1. I've been all over and tried many wings... many... many...

    And the old vine's wings are the best I've ever had anywhere. Even better than Kelly's in Key West.


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