After spending several days with Nick and his family in Carmel, and before we headed to Ann Arbor to watch the Hawkeyes BEAT Michigan...we headed to Jackson, Michigan to relax in the lakeside home of Fred's sister Patricia and her husband Robert.  Our wonderful time included a trip to one of their favorite restaurants in Jackson...a place called Daryl's.  The atmosphere and the food are worth the trip!  The restaurant has a warm and cozy feeling as you open the door, and the historic old building makes you feel like it's been there forever. 
Since we arrived before 6pm we were able to take advantage of the many amazing " Early Bird Specials" listed on the menu.  (Jerry Seinfeld's parents would be so proud!)  TRAVEL TIP: Check with upscale restaurants when you travel to see if they offer discounts if you place your order early in the can save you lots of $$$...and you'll still get to sample their cuisine.
Each beautiful entree at Daryl's is served with a dinner salad...and all for $10!  Some of us enjoyed the steak with Pino Noir garlic butter, while others enjoyed the whitefish with new baby red potatoes.  The dinner salad would be worth $10 by itself, since the baby field greens also include dried Michigan cherries and toasted almonds.  And their house-made dressings are unique. (I meant to take a picture of my dinner...but my plate was empty before I thought about it!)  And if the motto "Never trust a skinny cook" is true (and I totally believe it is!) then ask to meet Daryl.  You literally can't miss him!! 

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And thanks again to Patricia and Robert for another wonderful visit...and for their warm and wonderful hospitality!

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  1. We love our visits from Patty and Fred as Fred always has a toolbox in the trunk in case we need anything fixed and Patty has a cooler full of whatever she is inspired to maybe cook for us.Even the lovely "early bird" menu at Daryl's can't match her cooking! Robert and Patricia


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